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The Crew

The people who help to bring the exceptional quality of every David Adams Film.

  • David

    David Adams

    Over the last 20 years, David Adams has developed his reputation both through his reporting and the numerous documentary films that he has written, directed and produced. He is best known for his investigative work, particularly Journeys to the Ends of the Earth, a 13 part documentary series made for the Discovery Network. His passion for anthropology, archeology, history and diverse cultures continues to take him to some of the world’s most remote locations – including Afghanistan, Iran, Libya, Siberia, Central Asia, Central Africa and the Pacific Rim in search of indigenous peoples and their disappearing cultures.

  • Chrystal Jameson Fitzgerald

    Chrystal Fitzgerald

  • Lorenzo

    Lorenzo (Ren) Toppano

    Composer/Arranger/producer/performer Lorenzo ( Ren) Toppano spent the majority of his childhood performing and touring the world with his musical family. By 19 he had performed in over 35 countries. Education : Residing in Los Angeles Toppano graduated Lyle “Spud“ Murphy’s 5 year course in 12 tone equal interval horizontal composition and arranging in 1987 Alumni include Oscar Peterson, James Moody, Herbie Hancock.

  • Mark_Maddis

    Mark Middis

  • Greg Nelson a

    Greg Nelson

    Began career in television with the South African Broadcast Corporation (SABC), Cape Town -TV Outside Broadcast Productions. Began work as a Camera Operator - received training in camera work, sound operations editing and TV operations.Moved into news as a Senior Cameraman / Editor , covering daily news as well as lengthier wildlife/current affairs documentary items.

  • dean

    Dean Gregory Love

    An independent production company available for script to screen television and film production. Currently completing 52 half hour shows called “Amazing Seniors” for the Retirement Living Cable Network. Also, Directed Musicians 4 Disaster Relief concert video and DVD shot at Universal Studios in Orlando, Fla. Wrote, and Directed "Guardians of Angkor", shot in Cambodia for National Geographic Television, with Live Art Entertainment in Singapore.