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David Adams

David Adams is a filmmaker and photojournalist and has acted as a war correspondent in Afghanistan and Georgia and has had a long-term association with The Sydney Morning Herald, as well as other popular Australian periodicals and television networks including Channel 9 and the ABC. He is very well known for his investigative work and over the past 20 years he has developed numerous documentary films that he has written, directed and produced.

His passion for archeology, anthropology, history and diverse cultures continues to take him to exotic locations worldwide including Afghanistan, Iran, Libya, Siberia, Central Asia, Northern and Central Africa and the Pacific Rim in search of indigenous peoples and their disappearing cultures.

During his career, David has worked with a series of diverse organisations such as UNHCR, ISAF, The HALO Trust, The MacArthur Foundation and Melbourne and Taronga Zoos.

Documentary Credits


Alexander’s Lost World 
6 Part Documentary series shot in Afghanistan and Central Asia


Burma’s Open Road – An insight into Myanmar
52 min documentary. Producer / Director/Writer. David Adams Films. International Distribution

At the heart of every Burmese lies their ‘Bamahsan Chin’, a belief that seeks modesty, subtlety and beauty in all things. G|uided by the insights of a Buddhist monk, the film offers unprecedented access into Myanmar and the plight of opium growers, soldiers, villagers, poachers and prospectors, each connected by the reconstruction of an ancient road and the search for ‘Bamahsan Chin’.


Flight of the Elephants
1 hour documentary. Producer/Director/Writer. David Adams Films for Channel 9. 2 hour documentary for International Distribution.

A unique portal into the plight of the Asian Elephant exploring the collisions between man and beast and the politics of wildlife transfers – 8 Thai elephants bound for Australia and their remarkable journey from Thai hamlets, through months of quarantine, their flight on a Russian Antinnov to Australia’s quarantine station on a remote Indian Ocean island and finally to their new homes in Sydney and Melbourne Zoos.


White Lions – King of Kings

1 hour documentary. Producer / Director. David Adams Films for Discovery/Animal Planet. International Distribution.

Voyage of exploration into the regal realm of the rare African white lion and its tenuous position in the animal kingdom.


Sync or Swim
1 hour documentary. Producer/Director. Live Art Entertainment / Discovery Asia

Musical challenge programme in far flung cultures.


People Dimensions
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Producer / Director/ Presenter.

1998 – 2002

Journeys to the Ends of the Earth
13 x 1 hour documentary series. Creator/Producer/Presenter. David Adams Films with Becker Entertainment for Discovery International/The Travel Channel. Currently being distributed into markets worldwide including the ABC and has been screened to an audience in excess of 50 million homes.

Travel adventures exploring some of the most remote areas on earth.

Nominated for Best Documentary Series – Australian Logie Awards.

The Land of Fear (Tenere Desert Niger Golden Pine, Gold ACS)

People of the Flame (Iran)

Keepers of the Lost Ark (Ethiopia, Gold ACS)

Swahili Sinbads (East Africa)

The Forbidden Zone (Kamchatka, Highly Commended ACS)

The lost City of Gold (Peru)

The Last Trail of Butch & Sundance (Bolivia, Gold ACS)

In Search of Jason & the Argonauts (Georgia)

The Lost Buddhas of Afghanistan (Afghanistan, Gold ACS)

The Road to Shangri-La (Pakistan)

The Mystery of the African Pharaohs (Sudan)

The Lost World of the Khmer Rouge (Cambodia)

The Ancient Chariots of Libya (Libya, Gold ACS)


Three for the Road
1 hour documentary. Producer / Director. David Adams Films for Channel 10 Australia/ Discovery.

Reenactment of the first automobile crossing of Queensland.


Ten Million Mines
1 hour documentary. Producer / Director. David Adams Films for Channel 10 Australia.

Land mine clearance in Afghanistan.


Poets, Prayers and Patriots
1 hour documentary. Producer / Director. David Adams films for Channel 7 Australia.

The Republic of Georgia during its struggle for independence from the Soviet Union.


The Final Frontiers
1 hour documentary. Producer / Director. David Adams Films.

Ethnographic ski adventure filmed in Finland, Manchuria, Georgia and Kashmir.