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David’s Camera Bag

We thought you might like to see what was in my camera bag on the last expedition. As new gear is released well tried it out and take it into the field we’ll give you a heads up on what it’s like and if it rates add it to the bag. Just click on the link and it will take you through to Amazon for a great deal. Let us know how your shoot goes. David

I’ve been shooting with Nikon for more than twenty years, since I covered the Georgian Civil war in 1989. I am now shooting and filming in HD with the new D7000 and its a brilliant piece of kit – still as rugged and hardy as before but now with full HD it opens a whole new world of possibilities and its particularly  brilliant in low light. Besides two D7000’s bodies, here’s a run down of the lenses I take away with me on assignment.

Film and still photos have always been closely associated to magic. The very earliest people who made film were magicians. They are both in many ways illusions. A great still is a frozen moment in time that has the power to tell a story as deep and complex as any book or indeed a film. Movies are an illusion; a feature film creates a whole world within a world that takes our emotions and us on a ride – some fantastic, some not so – into that world. Click here to read more.

Preferred Camera Equipment