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Alexander’s Lost World

Alexander’s Lost World is a 6 x 60” series coproduced with David Adams Films and Sky Vision. Following the course of the River Oxus (Amu Darya) for the first time, Adams takes viewers on an extraordinary 1,500-mile (2400 km) journey through war-torn Afghanistan and Central Asia.The Ancient Greeks have long been credited for bringing ‘civilization’ to the East. In fact it appears to be the other way round.

Alexander the Great discovered a highly developed civilization (a lost world) that pre-dated even the Persians.As Adams unravels the mysteries of the Oxus Civilizations, its great fortress cities are dramatically recreated in stunning CGI. Travelling through the most remote regions of Afghanistan unarmed, Adams and his Cameraman live as everyday Afghans gaining a most unique insight into the people and our shared heritage.

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As I viewed each successive episode, I was drawn into the dramatic and unfamiliar landscapes, the colourful and likeable people and their culture, the theme and thrust of the series – and especially its amiable, passionate and knowledgeable presenter – David Adams. The photography is sympathetic and often sensational. The series of six films transports the viewer to a forbidding and forbidden world which becomes more accessible and understandable with each instalment.



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